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The Section 8 and low income housing application and tenants has added a Housing List blog to their Online Packet. This is not a Section 8 housing application. Only Housing Authorities can provide that application and it is always free to apply. The intention of the Housing List Blog application process is to help prospective landlords and tenants to find each other. This Housing list can only be found in the Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet from This addition is new as of February 2, 2014. Anyone can become a Section 8 landlord. There is not a Section 8 landlord application exactly, but there is the Housing Assistance Payment contract that the landlord will sign with the Housing Authority before renting to a Section 8 tenant. Most Housing Authorities give special preferences to those already living in that particular city and state. However, one can still complete these applications but will be required to move to that city or state when chosen from the waiting list. That applicant may also be required to come in for an interview. The Online Packet is updated each week. If someone does not see the exact city that is preferred, in a few weeks, these listing are updated again. the Online Packet will post those links to that particular housing authority when that housing authority is accepting applications for Section 8 or Public housing. It is very difficult to find a Housing Authority that is actually accepting a Section 8 application and will allow you to apply for section 8 online.

Section 8 and the low income housing application

The main Section 8 program involves the voucher program. A voucher may be either "project-based"—where its use is limited to a specific apartment complex (public housing agencies (PHAs) may reserve up to 20% of its vouchers as such)—or "tenant-based", where the tenant is free to choose a unit in the private sector, is not limited to specific complexes, and may reside anywhere in the United States (including Puerto Rico) where a PHA operates a Section 8 program that administers a low income housing application program. Under the voucher program, individuals or families with a voucher find and lease a unit (either in a specified complex or in the private sector) and pay a portion of the rent. Most households pay 30% of their adjusted income for Section 8 housing. Adjusted income is a household’s gross (total) income minus deductions for dependents under 18 years of age, full-time students, disabled persons, or an elderly household, and certain disability assistance and medical expenses.

There is an asset test in addition to earned income. Over a certain amount, HUD will add income even if the Section 8 tenant does not receive any interest income from, for example, a bank account. HUD calls this "imputed income from assets" and, in the case of a bank account, HUD establishes a standard "Passbook Savings Rate" to calculate the imputed income from the asset. By increasing the amount of a tenant's total income, the amount of imputed income from assets may affect a tenant's assigned portion of rent. The PHA pays the landlord the remainder of the rent. Each year, the federal government looks at the rents being charged for privately owned apartments in different communities, as well as the costs of utilities (heat, electricity, etc.) in those communities. The Fair Market Rents (FMRs) are amounts(rents plus utilities) for medium-quality apartments of different sizes in a particular community. As an example, 2012 FMR for 1 bedroom housing in San Francisco is $1,522 and in New York is $1,280 while in many other places it is less than $500. The landlord cannot charge a Section 8 tenant more than a reasonable rent and cannot accept payments outside the contract.[15] During this current economy, there is a growing interest in learning how to apply for Section 8. HUD allocates funds to local Housing Authorities that administer the Section 8 housing program locally. Only a predefined number of housing vouchers can be offered, this is why Section 8 waiting lists open and close so rapidly. Housing assistance programs are meant to help low income individuals and families find decent safe housing while a portion of the rent is subsidized by the program itself. In general, to qualify for this type of section 8 application online program, one must be below HUD’s low income median level. This may vary from state to state.

Fair Housing Local Field Offices:

For Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont:

Boston Regional Office of FHEO U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Federal Building 10 Causeway Street, Room 321 Boston, Massachusetts 02222-1092

For New Jersey and New York: New York Regional Office of FHEO U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 26 Federal Plaza, Room 3532 New York, New York 10278-0068

For Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia:

Philadelphia Regional Office of FHEO U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development The Wanamaker Building 100 Penn Square East, 12th Floor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107-3380

For Alabama, the Caribbean, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee:

Atlanta Regional Office of FHEO U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Five Points Plaza 40 Marietta Street, 16th Floor Atlanta, Georgia 30303-2806

For Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin: Chicago Regional Office of FHEO U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building 77 West Jackson Boulevard, Room 2101 Chicago, Illinois 60604-3507

For Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas:

Fort Worth Regional Office of FHEO U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 801 Cherry Street, Unit #45 Suite 2500 Fort Worth, Texas 76102 Try to learn more about applying for various benefits in your city and state.

How can I apply for Section 8 online?Get news and updates about open Section 8 waiting lists. Join the Housing List Blog and locate Section 8 landlords, tenants and find out where to apply for Section 8 housing or low income housing online. Applications are always free. Housing List Blog

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