How to apply for Section 8 online

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Applications are always free.

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How do I qualify and apply for Section 8 online?

To be eligible to apply for section 8 online or subsidized housing, your income must be below certain income limits. You must also meet other qualifications. Income limits for public housing and vouchers are set by the government and can change every year. Income limits for multifamily subsidized housing vary from development to development. For more information, see if you are eligible at your local housing authority.

To apply for Section 8 online, you must submit an application to the housing authority in the city or town where you would like to live. Applications are always free. For example, there are 237 housing authorities in Massachusetts. You can apply to as many as you want. In some cases you may apply to the individual development and/or to the private management company that operates the development.

To apply for Section 8 and get a voucher, you can apply at any housing authority that runs a Section 8 voucher program where a section 8 application is needed. Each PHA may have their own preferences as to who is eligible. You can also apply for section 8 at a centralized Section 8 waiting list where 40 housing authorities are currently participating.

To apply for public housing subsidized housing, you must apply at each development that you are interested in living in (or at the management company that operates that development). For more information, see how to apply for Section 8 where you live.

If you get a voucher, you can use it anywhere in the state; if it is a Section 8 voucher for low income housing, you can use it outside of the state. If you get into public housing, you must live in the community where you applied. If you get into multifamily subsidized housing, you must live in the development where you applied.

If you have a voucher and want to move, you can take your voucher with you. If you move from public housing or section 8 housing apartment, you cannot take your subsidy with you. Check out Hiram Lewis and Datatron Industries for other sites about low income or Section 8 housing information.